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I'm a new writer and am very excited to announce my first contribution to the science fiction genre, THE FURY AND THE STAR. It's a story about a troubled outlaw seeking revenge for the murder of his family. It also features a kick-ass marshal who is forced to reconsider her beliefs about justice in a system riddled with corruption. She learns a lot while chasing the outlaw and one lesson, in particular, will change her life and the star system forever. It is a science fiction story at heart but it also explores a number of themes and issues we see in the world today.

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Over the coming few months I'll be releasing information such as the blurb, concept cover art, a sneak peak at the first chapter, and I may even throw in something special the month before the final release which, by the way, currently stands at April 2017 (subject to scheduling).

I will also be running competitions early in the new ear with some really exciting giveaways including some best-selling titles and a sci-fi mega-fan pack built by yours truly.

Until next time, stay young, live long or die trying.

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