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A ranger of the galaxy’s greatest wonder. An old-timer who will do anything to remain completely human. A teacher on a school field trip with a twist. Meet these, and more, in this exciting sci-fi short story collection. More Info


A Galactic Sentinel Story

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With the galactic war teetering on a knife-edge and a sinister plot to destroy all sentient life, it's a wonder detective Taza'ar of S-Core has time to investigate a breakout on the most secure prison in the galaxy: The Brink.


Galactic Sentinel Book Two

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The North Star's crew are tasked with another suicide mission: enter The Shroud, the mysterious nebula rumoured to be home to the Shan ancestors. It's also home to answers, but they'll have to get past the Shan first.


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What if human-level Artificial Intelligence really did come about in the next few years? Where would mankind's place be in such a world? Would the coming of the age of the machine be the beginning of the end for the age of man? COMING SOON


Galactic Sentinel Book One

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Commander Grimshaw's first mistake was believing the Aliance. Accepting the academy warden assignment was the second. Hopefully, taking command of The North Star won't be his third, or the whole Galaxy will pay.


Galactic Sentinel Book Three

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The journey continue as Grimshaw and his crew traverse the galaxy in search of solutions to problems that, if left unchecked, will mean the end of the very galaxy as they know it. And they're againt the clock..


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Who is Killian C. Carter?

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Killian is a passionate writer of science fiction, though he has been known to dabble in the arcane arts of fantasy and other genres. He is very excited about his debut novel, THE FURY AND THE STAR, which is scheduled for release mid-late 2017.

Killian lives on a little Island in the Atlantic Ocean and is the proud father of two little girls! When not writing, he can be found enjoying life with his family (chihuahuas included).

Killian hopes you will enjoy his books. When released, he will be offering THE FURY AND THE STAR for free for a limited time. Click here to subscribe to his news letter and keep up to date with other exciting developments.

He looks forward to joining you on your journey through space and time, if not in body, then at least in spirit.


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