Galactic Sentinel Book ONE

The North Star's crew are tasked with another suicide mission: enter The Shroud, the mysterious nebula rumoured to be home to the Shan ancestors. It's also home to answers, but they'll have to get past the Shan first.


Galactic Sentinel Book TWO

Commander Grimshaw's first mistake was believing the Aliance. Accepting the academy warden assignment was the second. Hopefully, taking command of The North Star won't be his third, or the whole Galaxy will pay.

Who is Killian C. Carter?


Killian Carter was born with a blaster in his hand (it was a complicated delivery) and grew up hunting cyborg aliens and extra-dimensional beings. He specializes in tracking and capturing space-ware-vampire-ninjas aka the TRAPPIST-1e leprechaun. Killian is well versed in the use of advanced photon weaponry, intergalactic quantum spacecraft, and a wide range of technology the government doesn't want you to know about. On weekends, Killian likes to kick back with a space-beer and a top-secret data crystal he stole from the REDACTED archives. Killian is rarely seen without his automaton chihuahua, Tequilabot.

Warning: Killian will not hunt endangered Centauri unicorns or nebula pixies for you, so please don't ask. If you insist on asking anyway, he will set his robot chihuahua on you. 

Note: Automaton chihuahuas stand seven feet tall on their hindquarters and can weigh up to 700lbs. All models come with serrated diamond-coated teeth and can shoot laser beams out of their ears. Killian has taught Tequilabot to play dead, but do not let the cuteness fool you. Sign up to his mailing list, however, and Tequilabot will be your best friend forever.

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Have a great day, fellow humans.




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