by Killian C. Carter

Everyone has a past, but Frank “The Fury” Carson knows nobody's got a past quite like his. He once lead a normal life but now he's just another mercenary chasing contracts while trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

When a galactic storm forces Frank and his crew to land on Earth Prime, a planet simmering with rebellion, the Peacecore's most determined marshal, The Star, closes in. With his back to the wall, Frank allows a mysterious traveller passage on board his ship in return for two things he can’t refuse; help getting off the planet and information on the man who ruined his life.

But, an ancient sentience with ill intentions stirs in the folds of wild space and the only people who can stand against it are Frank, the man wants to kill and the stranger he's harbouring. Will Frank join forces with his greatest enemy? Will his thirst for revenge consume him and humanity? Or will The Star get to Frank first, ending any hope of mankind's survival?

Find out in THE FURY AND THE STAR in late Summer/early Fall, 2017.