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I hope you enjoy this "short" short story collection. It explores where humanity might be, in the near and distant future, if they do not adjust their psychological and behavioural paradigms.

Let me know if you like the book, or even if you don't. I'm always eager to improve my story telling.

I look forward to hearing what you thought and to providing you with more great stories in the very near future. 


BY Killian C. Carter



PARADIGM is the first in a series of sci-fi short story collections.

A ranger of the galaxy’s greatest wonder. An old-timer willing to take any measure to remain completely human. A teacher on a school field trip with a twist. Meet these, and more, in this exciting sci-fi short story collection.

EXHIBIT X: Join Mrs. Zilmore and her students on their field trip to the D.C. Natural History Museum, long after the war that changed the world. When they sneak off into a locked basement, they find a lot more than even Mrs. Zilmore bargained for.

INTO INFINITY:  Asra, a ranger stationed at Lake Infinity, is ordered with the hateful task of guiding an important journalist around one of the galaxy’s greatest, yet most dangerous, wonders. What was meant to be a routine journey turns into something else entirely. The question is: Will either of them make it back alive?

HALF AND HALF: For all Johnny Taylor knows, he's the last untainted human being alive, he’ll do anything not to become one of "them". Or will he?