Day 1 - Where to Begin?

Goal for the day:

Write 4,000 words of SL00 (Fury Rising novella)

Goal status:

Did I reach my goal? No. But I did a lot more than write a few word so I consider this day a success.


I only managed to crank out about 2000 words but I spent most of my creative energy on world building and plotting. I also prepared my scrivener file structure, which took some time as I don't yet have a template I'm happy with.

Since book SL01 (Star & Fury book one of the Lost Starchives) is already with the editor, I have a bit of a head start. This helps in two major ways:

  1. I'm up 63,000 words out of the gate
  2. I've already got the bones of my universe and plot created

That being said, it is still in its infancy. When it comes back I know there will be a lot of work to do and plenty of plot holes to fill in. I guess there are upsides and downsides to starting this on the back of other work.

The plan is to spend the next day wrapping up the plotting for the novella and getting started on a timeline and world map to help me keep track of things.

Word Count Progress

SL00: 2,000

SL01: 63,000

SL02: 0

SL03: 0

Total: 65,000

I also relaxed a little last night with some digital painting. The plan is to eventually create my own art and book covers. That's a long way off but I'm having fun. I got a bit carried away and stayed up late, though. Woops! It's just for practice but I'm pretty happy with what I knocked out with a few hours of learning.