Chris Fox - Trilogy in 12 Weeks Challenge

I’ve been half-heartedly keeping tabs on Chris Fox’s videos as he documents his ‘trilogy in twelve weeks’ challenge. The guy’s a machine… What more can I say?

When he announced the project, it struck me as an ambitious undertaking to say the least. But the more I thought about it and the more I saw his videos/posts in my feed, the more it dawned that this is an attainable goal for me. Hell, I just finished a 63K novel in 9 weeks despite some serious curve balls thrown by life.

I realized that if I knuckled down I could do it. However, I decided it would have to wait. There’s so much going on in the lead up to the launch of the Last Starchives series this Summer, after all. For anyone who isn’t aware, I plan to have four books (a novella and three novels) out by the end of August. With that in mind, I filed the ‘12 weeks’ idea away on a shelf in the back of my head with intentions of pulling it down again in September.

Then along came Lon Varnadore. He posted about Chris’s challenge on one of the Facebook groups I follow. Quite a few people (including Chris Fox himself) reached out to Lon encouraging him to give it a shot. After reading his post before bed last night, I thought to myself ‘hell I’m going to give this a shot too!’ Plus, it makes so much sense since it fits in with what I’m already trying to accomplish.

Last night I set my alarm for 0500 and here I am in the office at 0545 so I could get a head-start on the day and make more time for writing. This is important as I have a full-time job in IT and two young children at home. People say they can't write books because they have jobs and families to take care of. Well, I say why not?

To help me get into the frame of mind I quickly rearranged my work desk.

The idea is to complete a trilogy (plus a novella) over three months. I have already finished the first novel in the Lost Starchive series so I’m at a bit of an advantage. However, the first book is still with the editor and will still need some serious work when it comes back in the next two weeks so that can’t be discounted.

Here is how the series will look:

LS00 - Fury Rising - Novella - Lost Starchives Prequel

LS01 -  Star & Fury - Novel - Lost Starchives Book 1

LS02 - TBC - Novel - Lost Starchives Book 2

LS03 - TBC - Novel - Lost Starchives Book 3

By the end of the 12 weeks (July 16th give or take a few days) I should have all the above either launched or on pre-order.

I will post an update at the end of each day to tally up my progress.

Mainly, this is for my own point of reference and motivation. But who know? It might even help other writers who plan on trying the same. I will also put up podcasts or videos (haven’t decided which yet) each weekend, so keep an eye out for those.

Onward and upward!