Time... Where Does It Go?


I'm serious! Almost another two months have passed since my previous post and I remember writing it like it was last week!

Maybe it's because so much has happened in the last two months that my mind folded in on itself as a kind of coping mechanism, so time contracted and here we are! Okay maybe not, but it really has been a mad house.

But despite the kinds getting sick, me being sick for six weeks, then my wife getting sick, the the kids getting sick again *takes breath*, I've gotten into an awesome writing routine, thanks in no small part to my accountability partners.

Most mornings I'm up between 0400 and 0500 (I plan on starting at 0300 for the month of November). This has helped me be many times more productive. I write at least 1000 words most days. 

I'm also in an exciting post apocalyptic collaboration with two other authors. This has been incredibly fund so far and I can see HUG potential for our project. I'll post more details soon (hopefully not in another 2 months).

You'll be pleased to know that Beyond The Brink will be out later in November and I will be dropping the rest of the Galactic Sentinel series from January to March.

I'll keep you all posted. Jump on the mailing list if you want to receive ARC copies. I'm always on the look out for reviews.

My goal is to have 100 reviews for Paradigm be the time The North Star launches in January.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Hope you are all keeping well!

Keep reading and, if you write, keep writing!