Progress, Shorts and Instafreebie

How my head doesn't explode with so much happening inside it, I do not know. I've been making plenty of progress with The Fury and The Star (possibly being renamed to Furious Star). I have to admit, I was really struggling with it since the holidays, but things have been running a lot smoother now that I've adopted some great outlining practices. 


I had the cover booked with a design company for March but decided not to go ahead with it in the end. Don't worry, I'm not going to make my own cover. I wouldn't dream of it because it would only turn into a nightmare. The good news is my wife has agreed to give it a shot. She's an awesome photographer and has a BA in design, plus she is simply downright awesome when it comes to creative things like book covers, so I'm in the safest hands. I should have some proofs by March.

I've also decided to plow ahead with the short story collection. My short story "Into Infinity" wasn't accepted by the quarterly science fiction magazine, Shoreline of Infinity. If you don't already read it. but enjoy SciFi, you should check it out. Every issue is full of fantastic little gems. If I said I wasn't disappointed by the rejection, I'd be telling a big fat lie, which is funny seeing as I'd forgotten about it with everything else that's been going on. But, the rejection actually works in my favor, as it means I can now include it in the short story collection - as seen on this site's home page. The great news is, this collection - Into Infinity and Other Short Stories - will be published in the next two weeks. One of the publishing groups I work with are organizing a SciFi instaFreebie campaign, so I'm getting ready for that. I'll send out a newsletter with the details closer to the time, of course. The collection will contain nine stories (one more than originally planned), and it will run into the 20K word count region. I'm super excited about this as it will open opportunities in the run up to my first novel launch in April/May.

On that note, did I mention I now have an awesome developmental editor? Her name is Kendra Olson and her work is outstanding. She's penciled me in for March, 20th. René Meijer will then line edit before my street team takes care of proofreading. René is an amazing guy I used to work within the IT industry. He's been editing on the side for years. I still haven't built my street team, but the email will be sent soon so keep a look out.

My schedule for Furious Star is a quite tight and looks a little something like this:

March 20th: Submit to developmental editor

April 10th: Rewrite

April 14th: Submit to line editor

April 21st: Rewrite

April 23rd: Submit to street team

April 27th: Rewrite

April 30th: Publish

Of course, other things will be happening in between such as cover design, marketing, formatting, etc. And while it's with the editor I'll be outlining the second novel in the series (title to be released later in spring). Furious Star began as a one book show, but the ideas just kept coming and the characters just kept on growing, and it has developed into a trilogy. The books will come under the umbrella of The Lost Starchive Series. And who knows? There could me more than three.

That's probably enough for one post. It's the early hours of Monday as I finish this. Have a good week folks, and stay classy.

Killian C. Carter